About me

I’ve always dreaded this part, but here goes: Hi, I’m Hailey. I’m a writer, and if you’re looking for the place where I shamelessly promote myself, you’ve come to the right spot.

Ever since I was little, I’ve loved playing with words. I scrawled pirate stories in my composition notebooks, taking up page after wide-ruled page describing characters and scenes. I haven’t quite been able to shake my love for words. I studied journalism and write for a handful of publications.

Oh, also, I love theatre. I write plays for Theate Corrobora, a company my ultra-talented friend Aidan Jhane Gallivan and I started. We’ve produced seven or so plays since 2013, and I’m pretty proud of that.

What else, what else … ? Oh, yeah. I’m restless and hopelessly romantic. That’s why I spent a year nannying in Paris after graduating from college, worked for a Barcelona-based startup for two months, came back to my hometown of St. Paul, Minnesota, then recently up and left for New York. Because all hopelessly romantic writers need to try living there at least once if given the chance, right? You can read about the triumphs and mishaps of these choices on my blog, Des Mots du Monde.

If I sound like a person you could stand working with, or if you like something you’ve read here and want to get in touch, please drop me a line. I promise I’m a lot more tolerable than I sound.

Thank you for stopping by! Here’s a picture of me smiling thoughtfully over a café table: