Five friends become subjects in a study on intimacy, forcing them to be honest about their relationships. ‘Rejection’ explores how much a little bit of truth can alter lives and outlooks on love.

Performed in August 2018 at Augsburg University Mainstage for the Minnesota Fringe Festival. Produced by Theatre Corrobora (Aidan Jhane Gallivan, director).


“If there were Festival Awards for Best Use of a Settlers of Catan Set and Most Times Characters Are Told Not to Apologize, Rejection would be a shoo-in. Colwell and director Aidan Jhane Gallivan let us simply live with these characters, experiencing their affection and their confusion.” — City Pages

Rejection was a show that hit me in a very specific way and watching an interracial queer couple discuss what love and being in love means to them felt like the writer had been watching me for the past few weeks. The sheer normalization of this couple throughout the show really made me felt seen in a way I don’t always feel when I see shows that tackle these things.” — Minnesota Playlist

“The show makes a strong case about the importance honesty in personal relationships, and you can’t help but take a look at your own. (Several of our ensemble members are having similar experiences.) I feel like I know versions of each of these characters in my real life, and I feel at times I’ve been each of these characters as well.” Fringe File 2018 #9 – Aidan Jhane Gallivan On Rejection Twin Cities Arts Reader

The cast of Rejection by Theatre Corrobora.
The cast of Rejection by Theatre Corrobora.

Photo by Aidan Jhane Gallivan.

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